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At “A Tough Business”, we believe successful Insurance professionals have the power to shape the future of this highly competitive industry. Our podcast offers practical advice that helps new and experienced agents reach their professional goals with ease. Tune in now to unlock your potential! 

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Step up to the table and listen in on an illuminating conversation with some of today’s top insurance professionals. Hear their personal insights as they share wisdom from years at the helm, forging success stories through uncompromising principles such as integrity, relationship building and a client-first approach. Get ready for exclusive access into what it takes to thrive – both personally and professionally. Come join us around the table today!

Ep. 7 - Business Succession Planning -
Chris Rich of GoldenHawk Professionals

Meet Your Host

Dan Valentine is the President of LifeBrokers BGA, and Host of A Tough Business Podcast. As a Broker General Agency, Dan is dedicated to investing in the success of his partner agents. Dan wants to teach you how to stop selling insurance and start providing solutions to  your clients most vulnerable risk and exposures. 

Dan and his dedicated team at LifeBrokers empowers their partner agents with training, support resources to start earning more compensation, and start building life-long clients, while generating more referrals.

Podcast Host & Broker General Agency, President

Safeguard Your Clients Most Valuable Assets and Earn More in the Process!

In my 30 plus years’ experience in selling Life Insurance, I’ve seen agents repeatedly make the same mistake.  When you treat your clients like leads and deals, instead of what they truly are, RELATIONSHIPS, you will always be on the hunt for “new leads”

We have a fiduciary duty to our clients, to be more than just a “one and done” Insurance agent. Your clients look to you to be their trusted advisor. To protect what is most important to them. Whether its family, business, or financial security.

I created this podcast to help insurance professionals grow their business, retain more clients, build better relationships, and provide more solutions to their clients most vulnerable exposures.

Let’s get connect. I want to be your Broker General Agency!

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Put yourself on the path to success in Insurance with “A Tough Business”! Our podcast offers pro tips, whether you’re new to the industry or an experienced pro. Tap into your true potential today and move confidently towards achieving all of your professional objectives!

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Dan Valentine, President of LifeBrokers, and Host of A Tough Business Podcast, is a Life Insurance Brokerage General Agency dedicated to investing in the success of our partner agents. With LifeBrokers you’ll learn how to stop selling insurance and start solving your clients needs.  LifeBrokers equips our agents with tools and resources to start earning more compensation, and start building life-long clients, while generating more referrals.


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