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Make More With The Opportunities You're Missing

This PDF guide is a game-changer for your career. It’ll give you the knowledge and confidence to take advantage of all the valuable opportunities in your current book of business – so no more missing out! This guide is a comprehensive resource for making sure you get the most out of your most loyal client relationships – giving yourself an edge and tapping into unlimited earning potential. 

  •  15 targeted sales opportunities aligned with the strategies and  solutions your affluent clients need and are getting elsewhere. Your affluent clients are missing out on the opportunity to access the unique solutions they need – Solutions your business can provide! 
  • Our “ideal client profiles” reveal the unique characteristics of your best customers and help you locate them within your existing portfolio. With this valuable insight, we can assist you in cultivating stronger relationships with these ideal clients.
  • Learn from 3 real life case studies that demonstrate the power of our professional guidance and planning with the type of opportunities we discussed today. We have mapped out actual success stories from our advisors helping high-net worth clients in premiums ranging $40,000 to an impressive $150,000 and upward. 
  • 15 conversational door openers to help discover your clients needs and build stronger relationships.  By connecting with clients on a deeper level, it allows you to uncover any potential needs they may have — increasing your value as their trusted advisors.
  • Finally, Dan and the LifeBrokers experts show you how to present your clients’ solutions with confidence and assurance. We’ll share the secret for unlocking a convincing presentation that gives everyone peace of mind!

Dan Valentine, President of LifeBrokers, and Host of A Tough Business Podcast, is a Life Insurance Brokerage General Agency dedicated to investing in the success of our partner agents. With LifeBrokers you’ll learn how to stop selling insurance and start solving your clients needs.  LifeBrokers equips our agents with tools and resources to start earning more compensation, and start building life-long clients, while generating more referrals.

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